Why Hybrids Are the Future of Driving

Why Hybrids Are the Future of Driving - Colony Lincoln

When you buy a Lincoln car, you know you'll be getting the ultimate in every aspect of modern vehicles, from luxury through performance to in-cabin technology. But there's much more to the Lincoln range than large, powerful cars powered by gas. Two models in the Lincoln range offer advanced plugin hybrid powertrains, which blend power and economy while also delivering many other advantages to the demanding modern driver.

What is a Plugin Hybrid Vehicle?

A plugin hybrid vehicle combines the convenience of a gas model with the low-emissions economy of an electric one. They can be driven in pure-electric mode to use no gas at all, or in gas-only mode for use if the battery runs out of charge.

However, most drivers use hybrid vehicles in mixed mode where the workload is shared by both the electric and gasoline parts of the powertrain, producing excellent performance, low emissions, extended driving ranges, and miserly fuel consumption.

Plugin Hybrid Vehicle - Colony Lincoln

A Choice of Two Great Lincoln Plugin Vehicles

The benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle are undoubted, and the great news for Lincoln fans is that both of the plugin models in the company's lineup deliver all the advantages a hybrid can provide - and more. Here's what you can expect from each.

The Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Hybrid

The Lincoln Aviator hybrid is given the label Grand Touring to distinguish it from the gas-only models in the range. And while the model shares the same high levels of comfort and technology as the regular Aviator, the plugin hybrid powertrain gives it a substantial extra edge in performance and fuel economy.

The hybrid powertrain is based around a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 gas engine paired with a 100 hp electric motor, which together make an impressive 494 horsepower and 630lb-ft of torque. The hefty output passes through a smooth ten-speed automatic transmission before reaching all-wheel drive as standard, delivering all the confident and powerful performance you'd expect from a large Lincoln vehicle like the Aviator.

But the hybrid design takes the Aviator Grand Touring to new heights beyond the increase in power. Engage the electric-only mode and you can enjoy up to 28km of high-torque driving with zero emissions and low engine noise, then switch to gas-only mode if you need to drive further before recharging. However, the real beauty of the hybrid design is revealed by using one of the mixed driving modes where the full power of the Aviator is unlocked while delivering a combined fuel economy as frugal as 4.2L /100km.

 Lincoln Aviator Hybrid - Colony Lincoln

The Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid

Of course, not every driver needs or wants the generous performance levels delivered by the Aviator hybrid. In that case, the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring hybrid makes an excellent alternative. Using a 2.5L inline-four gas engine paired with dual electric motors creates a supremely healthy 266 horsepower, which is fed through a continuously variable transmission (CVT) to all-wheel drive as standard.

Due to the Corsair's compact five-seater size, the lower output is still more than ample for everyday driving, producing confident agility in both highway and city conditions. What's more, the Corsair boasts an increased all-electric range of up to 45 kilometres, while delivering a deeply impressive fuel economy of 3.0L / 100km in full hybrid mode.

The Corsair Grand Touring makes a powerful but practical choice for those who drive daily over relatively short distances. The long driving range means many drivers can spend much of their journeys in full-electric mode, then recharge overnight in as little as four hours using a standard 240V Level 2 home charging system.

Lincoln Corsair Hybrid - Colony Lincoln

Lincoln Exclusive Benefits for Owners

But the benefits of driving a Lincoln electric vehicle don't end there. Buy a Lincoln hybrid and you'll receive many extra benefits that are exclusive to Lincoln owners, with the main highlights including:

  • Pickup and return of your Lincoln hybrid when it needs a service, with a replacement Lincoln to drive in the meantime.
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance with fast flat-tire repair, emergency fuel delivery, and more.
  • Build up points when you buy Lincoln products or book service appointments, and redeem them against entertainment gear, travel, health equipment, and other attractive rewards.
  • Use the Lincoln Way app to remotely connect to your vehicle, access your Lincoln account, and unlock several other exclusive benefits.
  • Enjoy a free concierge service from a team of Lincoln experts in hotels, dining, entertainment, and other local services.
  • Receive priority service for enhanced vehicle inspections and oil changes.
  • Access exclusive deals on auto insurance backed by the Lincoln brand.
Lincoln Owner Benefits - Colony Lincoln

Reserve Your Lincoln Hybrid in Brampton Today

These two Lincoln hybrids let you choose your ideal balance between high performance and great fuel efficiency, with both models featuring all the high-end luxury you demand from the Lincoln brand. Contact us now to book a test drive of the Aviator, Corsair, or both, and see for yourself exactly why hybrids are the future of driving.

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