This is Why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the Talk of the Town

This is Why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the Talk of the Town - CL

The Lincoln Navigator is the company's flagship SUV, occupying the top spot in their range both in size and in specs. Operating at the largest end of the full-size scale, the Navigator is a hugely powerful, impressively comfortable vehicle that redefines luxury in the premium slice of the SUV market.

The Lincoln Navigator has just received a substantial redesign for the 2022 model year, and here are the key reasons this SUV should be at the top of your test drive list.

What's the Difference between the Lincoln Navigator and the Lincoln Aviator?

The Navigator isn't the only three-row SUV in the Lincoln lineup. The Lincoln Aviator also operates in the seven-seater luxury market, but fits more closely into the mid-size SUV segment, with a slightly less spacious interior and less power under the hood. Here's a summary of the key engine and dimensions differences between the two gas-powered models:

Lincoln Navigator Lincoln Aviator
Engine 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6
Horsepower 440hp 400hp
Torque 510lb-ft 415lb-ft
Length 533.4cm 500.6cm
Width 202.9cm 209.0cm
Height 193.3cm 176.8cm

Of the two vehicles, the Navigator is larger, more powerful, and also packed with more high-end features, making it the premium choice for drivers looking for the very best. Considering all this, it's no surprise that Lincoln considers the Navigator to be "the very definition of our brand."

Refreshed Exterior Design

The latest Navigator exterior exudes power and confidence, with a 2022 styling update adding an extra touch of class to the mix. A reworked chrome signature grill and LED headlights bring imposing heft to the front end, an impression backed up by the new, larger 22" wheels.

The dynamic design continues with an update to the rear end, which now features 3D taillights with sequential lighting that wraps around the vehicle's body. The overall effect is of a large, assertive SUV that can handle any level of driving in style.


This is Why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the Talk of the Town - CL

Powertrain, Performance, and Fuel Economy

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator includes some impressive powertrain specs that take the model far beyond standard family SUV performance. Every model in the lineup is built around a meaty 3.5L twin-turbo V6 gas engine, making an enormous 440 horsepower and 510lb-ft of torque. Even considering the Navigator's substantial frame, this amount of power is plenty enough to produce responsive, confident performance that's capable of genuine agility and effortless speed.

On all Canadian models, the output is passed to four-wheel drive as standard, via a ten-speed automatic transmission with seamless shifts in all the right places. And yet despite its size and performance level, the Navigator delivers a highly respectable fuel economy of just 10.8L / 100km on the highway, making this SUV an efficient way to carry seven passengers in high-end comfort.

This is Why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the Talk of the Town - CL

Safety Features and Technology

Perhaps the most intriguing and innovative feature of the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the brand-new semi-autonomous driving system, dubbed Active Glide. When activated on routes recognized by the built-in navigation, the technology allows full hands-free driving with automatic speed sign recognition, intersection assist, stop-and-go adaptive cruise control, and lane centering assist.

If the thought of relinquishing control to technology worries you, rest assured that the system also includes an interior camera mounted in the instrument cluster, monitoring the driver's head position and eye direction to ensure they're still paying full, safe attention to any potential dangers.

And while the Auto Glide feature may be the most innovative addition, it's backed up by a generous suite of active safety and driver assist features covering more traditional territory. Key highlights of the Co-Pilot360 safety suite include:

- Blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts.

- Automatic forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

- Active park assist for squeezing in and out of tight parking slots.

- Hill-start assist.

- Dynamic brake support.

- Automatic headlights.

Interior and Technology

There's also an extensive amount of advanced technology supplied in the Navigator's spacious interior. All models now feature a 13.2" infotainment display running an updated version of the powerful Sync 4 software, offering wireless connections for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The system is also equipped with a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot facility, offering multiple device connectivity as well as over-the-air updates to keep the software current at all times. Extra instrumentation is provided by a 12" configurable gauge cluster, as well as a head-up display for projecting essential data direct onto the windshield.

And lastly, the standard 14-speaker stereo sound can be upgraded to a 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D system for an unmatched level of audio quality.

This is Why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the Talk of the Town - CL
This is Why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the Talk of the Town - CL

Experience the 2022 Lincoln Navigator in Brampton

Discover for yourself just how comfortable and powerful a full-size SUV can be with a test drive of the 2022 Lincoln Navigator in Brampton. Other SUVs might claim to seat seven in spacious comfort, but the sheer power and luxury of the Navigator take it to a level far above the competition.

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