Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 vs Co-Pilot 360 Plus: Which Suits You Better?

Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 vs Co-Pilot 360 Plus - Colony Lincoln

The level of safety technology offered in modern vehicles is astoundingly advanced, and there's no better example than with the features provided by today's Lincoln models. Two active safety and driver assist packages are available across the range, starting with the standard Co-Pilot 360 and topping out with the even more advanced Co-Pilot 360 Plus.

Both offer a wealth of features to keep you safe on your journeys, but is it worth the upgrade cost to receive the extras in the Plus package? Here's what you need to know about the two options to decide which one's right for you.

The Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 Package

The first package, Co-Pilot 360, is supplied as standard on all current Lincoln models. It's one of the most advanced standard suites available today, and was rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as the most effective at preventing collisions out of all the suites they tested.

The system is based around a variety of cameras and sensors that report to advanced software. It can identify potential incidents and either warn the driver or in some cases take automatic evasive action itself. The standard Co-Pilot 360 package covers six main safety and driver assist areas:

  • Pre-Collision Assist

The pre-collision assist system uses a combination of cameras and radar to spot obstacles in the road ahead and is able to detect both vehicles and pedestrians. If a risk is identified, the system will sound an audible alert to warn you to take action. If you don't respond, or if there's no time to react, then in many cases the vehicle can automatically apply the brakes to prevent a collision entirely or reduce the strength of any impact.

 Pre-Collision Assist , Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 - Colony Lincoln
  • Blind Spot Monitoring

The blind spots around a car are the areas to the rear and sides that can't be seen directly through the windows or by using the mirrors. The Lincoln blind spot information system monitors for any vehicles lurking in these areas and will alert you if you risk straying into their path when making lane changes or other turns.

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts

The rear-cross traffic alert system checks for vehicles approaching from the sides while you're reversing, and sounds a warning if anything is detected.

  • Lane Keep Assist

Unintentional sideways drift on the highway is prevented by the lane keep assist system, which analyses road markings and warns if it seems you're moving out of lane. The system can also apply gentle steering corrections to help you get back in line.

 Lane Keep Assist Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 Package - Colony Lincoln
  • Rear View Camera

The rear view camera makes reversing and backward parking safer and easier by displaying a high-resolution image directly on your Lincoln's centre screen. What's more, as well as showing the space behind the vehicle visually, it also includes audio warnings if you stray too close to an obstacle, as well as displaying guidelines to help you reverse more cleanly into a parking slot.

Rear View Camera, Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 - Colony Lincoln
  • Auto High Beam Headlamps

Lincoln's auto high beam system increases safety in two ways. First, it can detect oncoming traffic and dim the headlights to prevent dazzling other drivers, increasing safety for all road users. Once the other vehicle has passed and the road is clear, high beam will be restored to light your way ahead at full strength. Secondly, the system can detect when rain, fog, or snow will reflect the high beams and reduce visibility, automatically dipping the headlight strength to give a clearer view.

Auto High Beam Headlamps -Lincoln Co-Pilot 360- Colony Lincoln

The Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 Plus Package

Co-Pilot 360 Plus builds on the base package by adding several extra features, which can vary according to the Lincoln model you choose. However, all current models can upgrade the basic package with some form of Co-Pilot 360 Plus to provide safer and easier driving with less fatigue. Key available highlights include: 

  • Active park assist helps you slot into tight parking spaces using forward, reverse, and sideways obstacle detection to warn if you're getting too close to other vehicles, walls, or guardrails. 
  • A 360-degree camera system provides a bird's-eye view of your Lincoln and its surroundings giving you complete visibility when parking. 
  • Reverse brake assist can prevent you from colliding with objects behind the vehicle, using audible warnings and automatic braking if necessary. 
  • Evasive steering assist adds to the forward collision avoidance by steering away from trouble as well as applying the brakes. 
  • Adaptive cruise control monitors highway traffic ahead and automatically adjusts acceleration and braking, keeping you at a safe distance while maintaining your preferred speed. 

To sum up, the regular Co-Pilot 360 package provides all the essential, advanced safety features you need for emergency situations, with the focus on preventing collisions. The upgraded Co-Pilot 360 Plus package extends the suite to make many everyday driving scenarios easier and less stressful, as well as safer, and makes a valuable upgrade for all current Lincoln models.

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